Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nothing special - and a few photos

I was wondering if one of my New Year's resolutions should be to update this blog every day.  Well, it might be a bad idea if I have nothing to say, but than again, how could that ever be true?  There is always something, maybe insignificant in the bigger picture, but then, it's my life, my days of light and shadow, and there should always be something to share.
I'm alone with the children for a while now, and with -28 degrees Celcius (-18 Fahrenheit) when we wake up on a Saturday morning, there isn't one good reason to head outdoors...
I decided on the swimming pool (yes, indoors), and we spent the morning there.  Deliciously warm water, and everybody got conveniently tired, so the afternoon was calm, quiet and cozy, with hot chocolate and the very last pieces of gingerbread.  Dinner was oven baked chicken with rice and cucumber/carrot/bell pepper-salad.
Now, all four are fast asleep in their warm beds, and Mom is taking her book and curling up under her wonderful down comforter.  Good Night!

These pictures are taken a few days ago, when it was "only" -11 degrees Celcius. (12.2 Fahrenheit)
I realize we're living in a real winter wonderland!  Sun is hovering above the horizon, only a few hours of real bright daylight.

By the way, I just registred with the Norwegian Blog site Bloggurat .  Putting myself on the Norwegian Blog map, so to speak.

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