Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Book...

Yes, just finished "Vidunderbarn" by Norwegian author Roy Jacobsen, and I'm about to choose the next one. 
It's going to be one by Cuban-born author Cecilia Samartin, but I haven't decided whether to read "Tarnished Beauty" or "Broken Paradise" first.

Will have to think about it, while having a cup of decaf and some leftover cake...


  1. Hi Kristine - I just happened to see your post which came on my google alerts. As the author, I would suggest that you read Broken Paradise first. Although it was the second novel published in Norway, it was the first novel I wrote. I certainly hope you enjoy it!! All the best, Cecilia

  2. Thanks a lot for suggesting, Cecilia! I will definitively listen to your advice, and I'm looking forward to start reading Broken Paradise tonight. (In English).


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