Sunday, December 6, 2009

Second Advent Candle.

Tenn lys!
To lys skal skinne for kjærlighet og tro
for dem som viser omsorg, og alltid bygger bro.
La fanger få sin frihet og flyktinger et hjem.
Tenn lys for dem som gråter
og dem som trøster dem.

Eyvind Skeie

Light the lights!
Two candles shall shine for love and faith.
For those who show compassion, and always build bridges.
Let prisoners have their freedom, and refugees a home.
Light the lights for those who cries
and for those who comfort them.

Eyvind Skeie

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  1. This year we are doing advent with an advent candle holder that Adrianne made in the wood shop at church. Have a wonderful advent season.


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