Sunday, December 20, 2009

Crazy Days of December...

Yes, when December comes, there are Christmas parties for the children's schools, for their piano classes, ballet and choirs. Throw in a few birthday parties (at our place and others') and it's a wonder that none of these nights are double-booked!
And, even if all this celebration, singing, playing, eating of cookies and drinking of coffee is very nice, I'm happy to see the end of it. Tomorrow is the last party, with my son's piano class. He is practicing "Silent Night" as I'm writing this. I'm really looking forward to more silent and lazy days of our Christmas holiday, with nights spent indoors, cozy, warm, with candles and hot chocolate, knowing we don't have to be anywhere else, and not having to get up and out early in the cold, dark morning...
When it comes to these end of the year-parties, I have to admit that often they are kind of stressful,with younger siblings running around, too many people stuffed into an over-heated classroom, and maybe not-too-well rehearsed shows...
But, then I realize something strange has happened to me. 
Age, maybe?
Because, even though, with three school-aged kids, there are a lot of these happenings to attend, I realize with surprise that I'm far more touched by it than I used to be. 
I had a hard time not crying when I was listening to my youngest daughter and her choir singing a beautiful Norwegian Christmas song: "En stjerne skinner i natt". (A star is shining tonight) And, two days ago, while attending my oldest son's school party, and they performed the Advent song "Tenn lys" (Light the lights), I had serious problems not making a complete fool out of myself, while sniffing loudly, and trying my best to breathe normally.
There is something, isn't it. Even if we think it has all gone. Magic is still there, Christmas spirit, and today it was pictured in the eyes of my two-year-old, when we lit the fourth candle.

Tenn lys!
Nå stråler alle de fire lys for Ham 
som elsker alt som lever, hver løve og hvert lam.
Tenn lys for Himmelkongen, som gjeterflokken så.
Nå møtes jord og himmel i barnet lagt på strå.
Eyvind Skeie.

Light the lights!
Now all the four candles are shining for Him
who loves all the living, each lion and each lamb.
Light the lights for the heavenly king who the shepherds saw. 
Now earth and heaven meet, through the child on the straw.

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