Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cold and Dark is here...

Well, I guess, for this area, minus ten degrees (14 degrees F) isn't that cold, but I still think it is!
It's beautiful out there, though.  A new snowfall a couple of days ago, so the world is all white and frosty.  The sun is hovering just above the hills, after sleeping in until nine-ish.  It would be wonderful to bundle up and go for a walk, but I don't have time for that.  Electricians are adding some lights and heat sources in our home, and I have 1000 things that should be done around here.  Tonight I'm off to the other side of the lake, for a photo exhibit.  Babysitter is booked, and maybe there will even be time for dining out...
A couple of hours more of daylight now, at 4pm it is all dark again.  And, think of it, we are in the south part of this country.  In more than half of it (lenghtwise) there is no sun at all at this time of the year.  Hope they have lots and lots of candles, and good electricians who can install some more lights!

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