Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Crafts

Yes, there was finally time for some Christmas creativity: 
Frosty twigs at my door and entrance and heart pillows on my coach. 
  • First my husband went out in minus 20 celcius to gather branches and twigs from our backyard, branches which were cut this fall, but never made it to the waste deposit place, and now lay frozen under 1/2 yard of snow...  
  • Then, I spray-painted them white.  I had to do this outdoors, of course, because of the fumes, and my fingers were half-dead from the cold (and white) when I was finished...
  • Next, I found some zink buckets, scrubbed them semi-clean and placed the branches and twigs in them.
  • The following problem occurred:  Buckets falling over because of the weight and twigs spreading in all directions.  
  • Solution:  Gravel.  (We have a wheelbarrow full of it, have no idea where to put it, so I scraped away the snow, and my half-dead fingers got the not-so-fun task of clawing away on the frozen gravel...)
  • Result:

The pillows don't need a whole lot of explanation.  
They are made of polar fleece, soft and fluffy, with my own heart design appliquéed on top.  My youngest daughter loves them!

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