Monday, November 30, 2009

The Winner Takes it All...

I saw the Norwegian version of the success musical Mamma Mia in Oslo this weekend.  My oldest daughter and I.  It has been running since this spring, and we caught it in the very last few weeks.  We had great seats, and I think that is a must when you attend a live show.  Seats cost more less the same, no matter where they are, and even if you can save a little on less-than-perfect seating, I would never do that.  And, with a good overall view of the stage and close enough to see facial expressions, we could lean back and just enjoy.
Well-known songs, good singing, dancing and acting performances all mixed with a cute story makes for great entertainment.

I was worried that a Norwegian translation of ABBA's songs would sound strange and awkward, but it didn't.  Ingrid Bjørnov and Linn Skåber did the translation . Both song lyrics and dialogs were well written, and they even used different Norwegian dialects.  Bill's caracter, named Arne Svart, played by Paul Ottar Haga, was extremely funny, and it hit right home with his nordtrøndersk  dialect. (From the area north of Trondheim,) Both he and the rest of the cast did a great job. The two lead roles are played by Heidi Gjermundsen Broch (Donna) and Mari Lerberg Fossum (Sofie)

And, silly as it sounds, I end up crying my eyes out...
First when the mother sings about her daughter growing up too fast,
and then, even worse, when she moves on to "The winner takes it all"...
In the end it was no use trying to stop the flood of tears, and I was happy for the dark and for the crowd of total strangers around me.

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