Friday, November 20, 2009

A mother's worst nightmare

From St. Peter's in Rome I show you Michelangelo's Pietà.  A marble sculpture of the Virgin Mary, with her dead son in her arms.  Pietà means pity.  In English this theme in art is called lamentationin Norwegian begråtelse .  
It contains all the sorrow and hopelessness of a mother who just lost her child.
It is an amazing work of art, both so real and yet so heavenly surreal.
You think it almost  impossible that it is cold and hard stone you're looking at.

In about a month we will be celebrating this man's birth.  The tiny infant, born in a stable, cradled by his mother,while poor shepherds came to visit, and angels song about peace on earth...
As a mother, I can relate to Mary's shock and grief when she realized what was going to happen to her son, to her baby.  And, I don't even try to imagine the feelings she went through when she held her dead child, now a grow man, in her arms.
He was called The Son of Man, and his mother was a ordinary woman, with the same hopes and dreams belonging to all human parents across the world and across time.  
What a sacrifice.

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