Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Reading Zafón is intriguing. I don't get all if it, and sometimes I keep going back to try and find some loose threads. I didn't find all of them, but still, I liked the book. A real story, a universe of it's own.

Now, I just finished reading "Jenny", by Norwegian author Sigrid Undset. This was her breakthrough novel, and it was first published in 1911. Then, the novel was scandalous in many ways, but is now among the classics of Norwegian literature.
It is about Jenny, a woman in her late twenties. Living for her art, painting, she leaves her day job and goes to Italy.
Throughout the story, she will experience the agony of not being able to love the way she desperately wants to, and she ends up having a child, but rejecting it's father.
It is about the nature of love and friendship, and it is about being an artist.
I read the book many years ago, before marriage and children, and I have to say, I read it in a totally different way now.

Sigrid Undset


  1. I love your comments about art as of late. They really reflect my own. This looks like an excellent book.

  2. I didn't see this comment before, sorry! Yes, "Jenny" is excellent. Many would say it is "dark", "sad", whatever, but I think it's grand.


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