Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Alma!

My youngest daughter turned six some weeks ago, and today she finally got her party.  Let's see, how many kids did we have here?...  Have to think, and count, but I suppose I'm right if I say 17 kids, that is ours included, and throw in some parents as well, and you have a pretty good size party.
The table was set, with a pony theme all over, from napkins to plates, cups and straws.  The homemade pinata hung from the ceiling, awaiting it's destruction, our 10-year-old had prepared a puppet show, and our 13-year-old had several games planned.  It sure is great to have a large family, with older siblings who help out, and even think it's lots of fun!
A few hours later, when gifts were opened, games played and all the little guests were picked up by their parents, our living room looked like a disaster zone, with shredded paper, pieces of cake, frosting and an over-tired birthday girl on the floor...
But, when the little princess stopped crying, after not wanting to get her teeth brushed, she admitted that her party was wonderful, and that she looked forward to play with her new toys tomorrow.

Right now all four kids are in their beds, and as for me and my husband, we are going to sink down on the couch, have some late dinner (no, we didn't have time to eat while the others did, big surprise!) and put our feet up.
We made it!

 The birthday girl!

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