Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Flu and multitasking

It has been a week now since I went down.  High fever, feeling awful, the works.  But, enough now. Even if I still cough and really don't feel that great, I need to get things done. After a week of single motherhood while my husband was in the US, and a week of being sick, my desk is full.  Yesterday, while Jonatan was sleeping, I got some done, but much is still untouched.
So, this morning, while the house is empty (husband and toddler out & about running errands), I've been photo editing, and now I'll sign and pack finished prints for pickup.  Bills have to be written and paid.
I'm starting to feel the strain of my multiple hats, to speak metaphorically.  To be the mother of four, and to work without having one single day of being able to focus completely on my work, that is exhausting, so we are, albeit half-heartedly,  looking into part-time daycare for our toddler next year.  Only a couple of days a week, and only if we get a spot at the place we've chosen...
Yes, it doesn't help that  this little man's got me wrapped around his tiny, sticky finger!

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