Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Advent Calendar preparations

So, in a few days Advent is here.  I've started collecting small items for our Advent Calendar, which every year is put on the kitchen wall.
We have four children, but I don't make 96 packages, absolutely not.
There is one little gift for each day, and the children simply take turns in opening them.  
After all, the whole point with this calendar is the anticipation of Christmas, the waiting and the counting of days.
And, if I'm not completely wrong, there is going to be a few gifts to open in a month or so...
They do get each their (one dollar-) chocolate calendar in their rooms, with 24 small doors to open, and with a tiny  piece of chocolate behind each door,
but the main Advent Calendar, the one to be looked upon during these weeks, while they count down the days to Christmas, is a shared one.  I'm currently trying to find 6 small items for each child, items which goes with their age and interest.  From a teenage girl to a toddler boy, there is some creative thinking to be done!
Picture will follow, this weekend.

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