Sunday, October 4, 2009


Another movie!
Just spent a week in Trondheim, at my mother's. One day, while the toddler napped, we went to the cinema with the three other kids: Up, the 3D-version.

When my cinematic experiences are rather scarce, due to motherhood and busy life, it is such a pleasure when the movies I get to see are that good!

Pixar's youngest child is nothing less than great.
An animated movie that moves me to tears and makes me laugh my eyes out.
It is not as fast-paced as most in that genre,
there are even long sequences with little to no talk at all, and where the action is within the caracters, in their feelings, their hopes, their sorrows...
Add to this some beautiful music, a couple of really funny animals (you want that, after all! ),
and a story that is so different, so daring, in many ways, and you've got yourself a wonderful film.

A film that is about Life, Death and Love,
the ultimate themes of our human existence!

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