Thursday, October 15, 2009

Paris and Rome

In less than two weeks I'm off to Paris, for a long weekend with my daughter who turns 13 the day before or trip,
and only three weeks from today, I'm going to Rome, alone, for another long weekend.
Two trips like this, that close together, why?  Well, because theese were the weekends it could happen, that's why.

The first trip is a mother-daughter getaway.  We're going back to my daughter's roots, to the place she was born, to the city I spent a year alone, and the first four and a half  years of my marriage.  I became a mother here.  
I know this city.
Discovered it when I was 17 years old,and fell totally in love.
Then, after visiting during various inter-rail trips, I went to live there, and for 5 1/2 years, I experienced the every-day life of Paris.  But, my intitial crush didn't fade completely, and now I feel a mixture of "going back home", and the exciting thrill of visiting the City of Lights.

The next trip is something else.  It's both a retreat and an adventure.
I've never been in Rome, but I feel that I know it, from my art history studies, and I can't wait to see the different sights, feel the history on every corner.
I am, however, not going to see it all.  I know that.  Four days away from home, but only two and a half days there, and I don't want this to be an exhausting run to do as much as possible.
Because of that I'm currently reading up on Rome, so that I can carefully choose a few places where I will actually go inside.
The rest of the time, I plan to wander the streets, sit down for long lunches, dinners, and numerous coffees.  I'll write, read, do photography, and think.
I hope to find some inspiration!

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  1. Gjett om jeg gjerne skulle vært med deg til Roma...! Har du forresten lest "Kvinnen som kledte deg naken for sin elskede" av Jan Wiese? Fikk i alle fall meg til å drømme litt ekstra om å reise til Italia... God tur. Nyt hvert sekund! Håper du gleder oss med noen små blogginnlegg fra turen(e).


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