Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bulbs and Hope

Yesterday, after lunch, Alma and I went to a nursery (Norwegian: Garteri) to buy a scrub for the front of the house, some turf and lots of bulbs.  Tulips and daffodils.  Alma got to choose the colors, and she was a big helper when it was time for putting them in the ground.  She asked lots of questions.  Why do we have to put them in the earth?  Why do they have to have the pointed side up?
Well, I explained the best I could, and then I realized there is a wonderful image here:

A hard, not very handsome, little bulb is put in a hole in the ground.
It is dark, cold, and very soon even the soft earth will be hard and impossible to move.
Then everything is covered in snow, hidden, forgotten.
Months and months will pass, and one day,
as the sun gets warmer,
the snow starts to melt.
And, before long there will be a patch of bare earth,
and then,
if we look carefully,
a tiny green optimist can be seen,
sprouting out of the dark,
stretching against the spring sun and warmth,
and suddenly we have a beautiful flower!

Hm, I realize this sounds a lot like the lyrics for "The Rose", so, fine, I guess I wasn't the first one to come up with that picture,
but still,

this bulb thing can really mirror a soul,
all dark and closed up,
wanting to disappear...
After hidig away, unreachable, cold and hard,
there is suddenly a tiny speck of green hope, -
and behold,
something new,
and amazingly beautiful grows out of it.

We'll see...

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