Tuesday, October 20, 2009


She is much better.  Woke up with hardly any voice, but it looked as if the fever was gone.
Throughout the day she got her voice back, she has been studying for school, and she wants to go there tomorrow.
She's not, though.  Better be on the safe side, have her rest another day.

I really hope the two of us will be able to go on our weekend trip.  I haven't travelled with her alone since she was a toddler (and an only child), except for two one day-trips, when we went to see a show ("Annie") in Oslo, five years ago, and "Les Misérables"  in Lillestrøm, almost three years ago.
I've thought of it for so long, that we should do something like this, but then, there was never the right time, and it's only now that I can picture myself away from the toddler for several days.
(Not looking forward to that part, though...)

Well, it seems like the worst is over when it comes to my daughter's flu or what it is, so now I'm more concerned about me...  But, a good friend told
me that I'm not going to be sick, so I guess I'll choose to believe her.
My husband is taking off again for a couple of days, so now, after a hot cup of tea with honey, I'm going to try and catch a good night's sleep.


  1. Så bra! Krysser fingre for at dere får dere en flottings tur...
    Fortell Pauline at gaven kommer trolig mens dere er borte..
    klem Ragnhilden


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