Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumn Song

I love this song, by Finnish author Tove Jansson (yes, the very same who created the universe of "The Moomintroll" - Mummitrollet in Norwegian).
It's about autumn, about time running out, about life that should be lived, and love that should be given.

The Autumn Song (Höstvisa) 

(click here to hear it, and to see the original, Swedish lyrics)
The road home was long, and I haven't met anybody,
Now the evenings are getting chilly and late.

Come and comfort me a bit, because I'm so tired,
and suddenly very alone.
I didn't notice before that the darkness is so big,
I keep thinking about everything I'm supposed to do.
There is so much I should have said and done,
and I did so very little of it.

Hurry, my love, 
hurry and love,
the days are darkening minute by minute.
Light our candles, the night is approaching,
soon the blooming summer is over.

I'm looking for something that we may have forgotten
and that you might help me to find.
A summer is passing, it is always very short,
it is the dream about what we could have won.
You'll maybe be here some day, before twilight is blue
before the fields are dry and empty.
Maybe we'll find each other, maybe we'll get to see
everything in bloom before it's to late.

Hurry, my love, 
hurry to love...

Now the windstorm is blowing, and closing the door of the summer,
it is too late to wonder and search.
Maybe I love less than I did before,
but more than you'll ever know.
We see the lighthouses along the long coast of autumn,
and we listen to the wild wanderings of the waves.
One thing is important, and that is the joy of the heart
and to be together with each other.

Hurry, my love, 
hurry to love...

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