Sunday, September 13, 2009


I went to the movies last night.  Upperdog, by Sarah Johnsen.

I loved it!  It was refreshing to see a Norwegian film which, though it mainly took part in Oslo, didn't just feature a group of young, trendy Osloites, with that annoying over-typical sosiolect.
It touches on lots of strings, and as I see it,  the movie is mainly about relationships, family and love, and how these factors shape people.  
I believe in the caracters, they seem real to me.
Listen, my English- and French-speaking readers:  Look out for this film.  It might come to a theater near you!


  1. Believe it or not, I have actually heard of this film. I will try and remember to keep a look out for it. It looks good.

  2. It really is. I guess this is Landmark Theatres material, so yes, look out for it!


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