Monday, September 21, 2009

Every time you go away...

It would be practical if my toddler would accept the nursery at the gym, for an hour our so, once in a while.
Our schedule is busy these days, and I'm not good about getting workout done in the evenings.
We've tried, but his cries are awful, he starts crying if I only mention walking out of the room, and neither him nor me can take it. I had sort of accepted defeat, but last week we agreed on trying once more.
We found that one of the women who works there is very attentive, and ready to hold him in her arms for the whole hour, if that is what it takes. I had already talked to her quite a bit, and I got her work schedule.
So, last week I was going there with him, three days in a row, sitting on the floor with him, talking to the nursery woman, telling her about my toddler, and teaching her some of his language.
On the third day, there was suddenly a change, and he accepted her arms. I went downstairs, to the bikes, my heart way up in my throat, and, it was almost like someone was teasing me, 'cause when I sat down on the bike, the music blearing overhead was Paul Young's "Every time you go away, you take a piece of me with you..."

When I came back, 30 minutes later, he sat on her lap, eating his snack, and even if he leaped into my arms when he saw me, the nursery woman got a hug and a bye-bye when we left.

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