Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rainy Summer

It's interesting how people are obsessed with weather.  At least here in Norway. And at least when they don't agree with the kind of weather they deal with.
We've apparently had a particular wet July and August, and almost every day I hear or read about how sick people are of the weather, how they feel cheated by not having had a real summer, and how they get depressed and motionless because of this.
It amuses me when I hear this whining.  
We live here.  Weather is all around us.  
We're lucky to have the atmosphere, without it the earth would be rather empty...
And yes, sometimes it's sunny, sometimes it rains.  That's a fact.  
Another fact is that we can do absolutely nothing about it.
Why not spend more energy on the things we are able to change...
Dress accordingly to weather and leave the house!  Walk, run or go for a swim (yes, the water is actually quite warm here!)
Or, snuggle up inside, book in hand, a huge cup of coffee and some dark, dark chocolate...
I don't have a photo of it, but try to picture my 20-month old the other day, sitting on the lawn of our back yard, in the pouring rain.  
He was all dressed up in rain gear, except for the hood, which he refused.  
Instead he sat there, for the longest time, face up against the weather, feeling the rain on his forehead, nose, cheeks.  He laughed and had a blast just playing with the wet grass around him, taking in the sights and sounds of a rainy flower garden.  
What a joy to watch!

And here, a picture of me and the little Rain Main, while walking in the hills of Southern Norway, on an actual non-rainy August day!

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