Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer Garden

August is almost over.
In our back yard,we've picked raspberries, strawberries, black- and redcurrant,
and right now we're waiting for our plum tree to deliver. Only a few more days before harvest time!
There are still rosebuds,
and the newest hydrangea to join the family is blooming beautifully in purplish blue.
When I open the back door, there is the good scent of lavender, rosemary and oregano,
and there is this heavy, massive green which is so typical for late summer,
almost as if the plants want to show off,
show the world that they still are on top of the world, for a little while longer...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Seattle Nostalgia ll

I also just saw these pictures for the first time, taken in June, by the International Fountain. Enjoy the water!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Seattle Summer Nostalgia...

Just downloaded these pictures, from our small compact camera. This is Green Lake, Summer Edition, and I get all these feelings of nostalgia when I see them. After all, I saw this lake every single day for six months, I saw it change from the foggy, cold winter, through spring and then in the end the warm summer, when the lake got all dressed up, surrounded by greenery and flowers, and the beach became my kids' personal sandbox.
I miss that place!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tusen takk, Finn Arve!

(My English-speaking readers:  Translation in the end of the entry!)

Jeg har alltid hatt sansen for den morsomme og flinke programlederen i "Ugler i Mosen", et barneprogram på NRK.  
Han er nesten som en parodi på han engelske naturprogrammannen, han som dukker opp bak en busk i en eller annen jungel, alltid andpusten, men med masser av kunnskap å dele.
"Hvem er det som har bæsja?" er noe som titusenvis av norske barn vil ta med seg inn i voksenårene, og bra er det.

Men så til saken.  Nå på onsdag så min datter på norsk BarneTV for første gang siden januar.  "Ugler i Mosen", så flott, og Mamma måtte snike seg til en liten titt også...
Det dreide seg om "Dyra vi har i huset", og det var IKKE snakk om hunder, katter eller marsvin, nei da.  I stedet fikk vi inngående kunnskap om de tallrike USYNLIGE dyrene vi omgir oss med, som f.eks. sengemidd...  Den kjære Finn Arve hadde til og med en stor og flott modell av en slik, som han viftet med foran kamera, og de titusener av norske barn som så på, fikk vite at "Dæm hærrane' dyran' bor i sengan' vårres!"

Gjett hvem som har blitt livredd senger - og dermed soving?

Finn Arve, dette er din skyld!

My daughter watched children's television on the "PBS"-channel (NRK) the other day.  It was a show that I just love.  It is produced in Tromsø, way north in Norway, and the  host, Finn-Arve, is great.  
It is a show about nature and creatures, and he is so funny AND informative, dresses up to look like different animals etc etc.  One of the main posts of the show is "Who pooped".  They show, on a silver platter, the droppings of some animal, and then the kids get to guess.  He gives them more and more hints, and in the end, everybody shouts:  "It is the....who just pooped!"  Sounds silly, but it is really great television (educational AND funny)
But, this time, the show was about the creatures that live in our houses, and it was NOT about cats or dogs, but cockroaches, mites etc etc...  And, he holds up this huge model of a bed mite, and tells the kids that "This guy, together with all his friends, live in your bed!"

Guess which five-year old who now is scared to death by beds in general (and then, sleep too...)
This is your fault, Finn-Arve!

Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of School

Summer break is over in Norway. Today it was back to school for our two eldest kids, and for our third it was the very first day!  It is crazy how time goes by, that our baby girl is big enough for school!  

The three of them: An 8th grader, a 5th grader and a 1st grader (=Kindergartner)

A big day...

With friend outside school.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rainy Summer

It's interesting how people are obsessed with weather.  At least here in Norway. And at least when they don't agree with the kind of weather they deal with.
We've apparently had a particular wet July and August, and almost every day I hear or read about how sick people are of the weather, how they feel cheated by not having had a real summer, and how they get depressed and motionless because of this.
It amuses me when I hear this whining.  
We live here.  Weather is all around us.  
We're lucky to have the atmosphere, without it the earth would be rather empty...
And yes, sometimes it's sunny, sometimes it rains.  That's a fact.  
Another fact is that we can do absolutely nothing about it.
Why not spend more energy on the things we are able to change...
Dress accordingly to weather and leave the house!  Walk, run or go for a swim (yes, the water is actually quite warm here!)
Or, snuggle up inside, book in hand, a huge cup of coffee and some dark, dark chocolate...
I don't have a photo of it, but try to picture my 20-month old the other day, sitting on the lawn of our back yard, in the pouring rain.  
He was all dressed up in rain gear, except for the hood, which he refused.  
Instead he sat there, for the longest time, face up against the weather, feeling the rain on his forehead, nose, cheeks.  He laughed and had a blast just playing with the wet grass around him, taking in the sights and sounds of a rainy flower garden.  
What a joy to watch!

And here, a picture of me and the little Rain Main, while walking in the hills of Southern Norway, on an actual non-rainy August day!