Friday, July 24, 2009

The Half-Blood Prince

I just saw the movie "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince".  

I started reading the HP books about four years ago, when only five books had been written. I wanted to read them, because everybody talked about this phenomenon, and because my 8-year-old was reading them.  Well, I became hooked, and from the third book on, I was to read first, and then my daughter.  That way she could talk about the book while reading it, ask questions etc.  Both her and I were desperately waiting for the two last books.  
When I  saw the first HP movie, I was disappointed.  The book had been such a rich reading experience, and the movie couldn't possibly contain it all.  I get that books and movies are seperate works of art, and that a movie should stand on its own feet, even when it is adapted from a book,  but in this case, where the books hide this very special universe, I feel that the movies haven't succeeded in meeting my expectations.  Suspenseful, yes, and spectacular, of course, but I end up not caring that much about what happens with the caracters.
Well, I have to say that this last movie is doing this a lot better.  There is still the suspense, and the spectacular special effects, and the music, but there is more this time.   I can't pinpoint it, and it was a little bit hard with the multitude of popcorn chewing (and commenting..., (how I hate that!))kids in the theatre, but this was a good cinema experience!  I realized that I had actually forgotten a lot from this book, and now it all came back to me.  I'm looking forward to the two last movies... 

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