Thursday, July 23, 2009

Family Summer Visits

Summer days are still here, even if the bright summer nights are shortening in...  
Most of the days, we've had one or two extra kids in the household, which means our kids have rediscovered their friends!
My mom came to visit for about a week.  The kids reconnected easily with Grandma, even if it had been 6 months.  One of the days, we had a "girls only" trip to the doll museum, which we all experienced for the first time.  A huge collection of dolls and other vintage toys, all displayed in a cute, little house, hidden away in a beautiful garden.  Coffee, waffles and ice cream after the visit.
It has been raining a lot, or so people say, but we have managed to spend an afternoon on the beach of "our" lake, swimming, playing in the sand, and barbecuing for dinner.
We also enjoyed the visit of my sister and family for a couple of days.  The kids played together all the time, and talking into the night. (That goes for kids AND grownups!)  
Family is precious, 
and I'm glad I have a job that permits me taking time for receiving them, and spending time just hanging out, even if it sometimes means working long hours for a couple of days to catch up.

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