Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Final Seattle Days

A couple of days ago, June 29th to be more exact. 
"Singing in the Rain" is blaring from the load speakers at Seattle Center, beside Fun Forest. Well, I guess one could be singing in the rain in Seattle, a lot actually, but definitively not today.  
The sun is bleaching hot overhead from the beautiful summer sky.  The little wind who is moving the colorful flags and the leaves on the trees is doing me good, but it is dangerous.  I may end up thinking that the sun doesn't burn, that I'm still just dealing with the mild winter sun who is able to warm my face and soul without burning my skin.  
Earlier today, the International Fountain, an outburst of water, music and choreography.  A freshness in the air, the open feeling of no boundaries, not limits at all.
Right now I'm sitting practically underneath the Space Needle, looking up to the dish high up there, spreading out like a white and grey canopy against the blue sky.
I'll miss this landmark...
There are so few days left now, that my mind gets all dizzy.  It is unreal, frankly, that I have three more nights left of sleeping in Seattle., and that four days from now, I'll be in Gjøvik, my little norwegian home town.
How could half a year go by that fast?
Well, right now, between stress with laundry, packing and last minute shopping, I'm savoring these final days.
Pauline and I went to Barnes & Noble early this morning.  While I was taking notes about which books to order online (yes, I just can't pack anymore books, there is a weight limit...), Pauline read Japanese comic books in of the comfy armchairs upstairs.
"Oh when the Saints go marching in" is playing now, and I can smell the freshly baked ice cream waffle cones and the coconut of sunscreen.
I couldn't resist buying some books, though... A Kindergarten level summer workbook for Alma, and for the plane, a couple of easy reader storybooks and two Roald Dahl pocket size books: "The Magic Finger" and "George's Marvelous Medicine".  For me: "Shopaholic and Sister".  Yes, I know, it is not a Nobel Prize candidate novel, but it is a perfect overseas plane ride with building jet lag - read!  I'm looking forward to getting started, if I get the chance of course.  We may not get a seat for Jonatan, and I'll end up holding a wrestling toddler in my arms for 10-12 hours.
I'm crossing my fingers.
"Over the Rainbow" just played, the exact same song that Pauline played on the piano in church yesterday.
I guess I'm actually going over the rainbow now.  
Far away, and even if I'm going back to a place already seen, 
maybe I'm not, after all.  
Who knows what's in store for me, us, over the ocean,over  the rainbow...

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