Thursday, June 11, 2009


No, I'm not talking about kids, but me.
Two days, and I'm already very tired.  Yes, I know, there are lots of single moms out there, and others who cope for months alone.  I don't really have much to whine about.  
Well, maybe it's harder when you're used to being two, and maybe it's harder when the kids are so spread out in age?  
If they were all small, I guess they would all be in bed early, and I'd have time to think, and if they were all big, they would all be in school part of the time.  
As it is, the youngest is with me 24 hours a day, needing constant looking after, milk, play, diaper changes, hugs and closeness,  the five-year-old need unlimited  answers and reassurance, stories, ideas, (and much of what goes for the 18-month-old) the almost ten-year-old need action, exercise and space to do his things, (plus much of the same that goes for the five-year-old), and the twelve-year old need to talk, need me to be available for her, (plus much of what goes for the others)  
When we're two parents, it's actually possible to juggle all these different needs and still have some time to rewind.  Well, with only one, that is close to impossible.   Add to this the grocery shopping,  cooking, cleaning, laundry...

I'm whining now, I know that, and I'm embarrassed.  Wasn't going to post this, but then again, it makes me feel good to get it out there.  

The house is quiet, and I might have enough energy to read a bit before I go to sleep.


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