Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer in Seattle

Yes.  It's here now.  Warm days, sunscreen, popsicles for dessert.  There is so much greenery out there that I can hardly see Green Lake from my place at the computer.  Leaves of different sizes, and of all shades of green.  Flowers, warm earth and sand, lots of sand.  On the little beach by the lake, of course, and on the playground, in the sand toys and  in our shoes, in everybody's hair, and in Jonatan's diapers...
"Our" ducks have all had their little ones by now.  Some are still infant ducklings, others are starting to be more like teenagers.  It's so much fun watching those proud moms swimming around, head lifted high, while 2-9 small feather balls follow on a straight line.  The dads feel left out, I guess.  No one is oohing and aahing over them, where they sit, all grouped together on the shore, sulking, not knowing what do to anymore.  

I started out this day by taking my husband to the airport, and after the goodbyes, facing two consecutive weeks of single motherhood.  What makes it harder here than where we live in Norway, is that I just can't send out the kids by themselves.  Makes a huge difference.
After getting lost twice on the freeways around the airport (yes, I guess I was preoccupied), I finally made it back home.  Wrapped up Jonatan on my back, and got out the scooter for Alma.  First destination: Library.  Then, a few hours by the Greenlake playground, picnic lunch in the shadow of a tree, and when I could tell Jonatan needed a nap, we went back to the house.   
While J napped on the main deck and Alma wrote a book about ponies, I stole a few moments on the roof deck with my book and a cold drink.
A quick trip to Target after Pauline came home, or quick is maybe not the correct word.  The freeway was packed.  
Dinner - bath/showers - storytelling - milk - reassurance -  some more milk - laundry - and finally, a glass of wine in an acceptably clean house.  
Good night.

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