Wednesday, June 17, 2009

School visit, maracas, and Greek dinner.

Today I had planned to visit my daughter's school. I had emailed with two of her teachers, and my plan was to drop by in the end of her International Arts class, and follow her to the Language Arts and Social Studies class. I thought I should be able to be there by 9AM. Well, late last night, I learned that I had to be there an hour earlier, if I wanted to catch the Arts class...
So, leaving my almost 10-year-old alone with a spare key to lock up before he left for school, I took my toddler and my 5-year-old and managed to be at Hamilton Middle school by 8AM. It was fun being part of the class, and J enjoyed himself, walking around and smiling to lots of big kids.
The halls were crazy, bustling with students running in both directions, to get to their class on time. I wore the baby on my back, so he sat up there, like a little king, while we rushed after P down the hall, up the huge staircase, along another hallway, until we reached the next classroom. Here we were treated to doughnuts and cookies, because it was Publishing Party for the book the class has been writing. They have each written a story, and the teacher is putting it all together.

After a couple of hours, we said goodbye to P, and headed out into Wallingford. The local playground was a must, of course, but when J started to eat sand again, I decided it was time to go. We strolled along residential streets, then 45th, until we reached John's Music, a place I've wanted to see for a while, to buy children's maracas. We got six, all different colors, and Alma bought herself wrist bells for her ponies.

It was time for lunch, so we went to the car. Back home, Alma and Jonatan got leftover Pasta Alfredo and apple sauce, and I, when Jonatan was asleep and Alma quietly playing in her room, had sushi while reading on my bed.

After the big kids came home, we had popsicles (yes, the house gets very hot!), picked up around the house, and before bedtime we all went to Vios for dinner. (The Greek restaurant at Third Place Books. ) Wonderful, Greek food, not expensive, and very kid-friendly. Play-area, toys and books you can bring to the table, and really good pita bread...

And, we found a book that wanted to come home with us: A used copy of "Oh say can you say"

Good night.

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