Friday, April 10, 2009

Three books ahead now!

Yes, I finished Revolutionary Road. I liked the book. That is, I think it is a troubling story, not easy to read, but it is very well written. Frank and April's relationship sits in the middle of the plot. You keep wonder what their problem really is, and then it is sort of obious too...
A good description of the American suburb in the 1950's.
The ending is rough.

Then I read "People of the Book" by Geraldine Brooks. A totally different story, or I should rather say stories, since it is several smaller stories wowen togehter to make a very special tapestry of a book. There is suspense, and you get to care about these different people. The main carachter is Hanna Heath, and Australian, who is working on the restauration of an old Jewish book. We are in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and the year is 1996.
We learn about Hanna's work, her life, past and present, and we learn about all those persons who take part in the book's history.

Right now I am reading Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer. I started two days ago, and I am halfway through it. I feel drawn into the story about Bella Swan. The strange thing is that only a few weeks ago (se older post here) I was in Forks, Washington! I went hiking in the woods there, and I saw the beaches with huge driftwood trees on them, just like I'm now reading about in the book. Strange. I had no idea this book took place in Forks when I decided to go there.

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