Monday, March 30, 2009

The oldest city west of Mississippi

It's Spring Break, and we're visiting Oregon.  Tonight we are in Astoria, the oldest city west of Mississippi!
After our first ever (after 4 kids, it was bound to happen one day, wasn't it...) cleaning out the carseat  because of somebody throwing up in the car, we got to stroll around the old town, taking pictures, visiting an antique store, art gallery and the Mc D, where the kids had their dinner.  The grownups had a late dinner in the hotel room after two kids were sound asleep, and the two others watching a movie in the bedroom.

The Astoria-Megler Bridge.  It stretches across the mouth of the Columbia River, and it is 4.1 miles long! 
Astoria-Megler-brua.  Den strekker seg over hele munningen av Columbia River, og den er over 6,5 km lang!

The huge Columbia river!

From the hotel porch

The view from our hotel room! 
Utsikten fra hotellrommet vårt!

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  1. "Paa tide" med bilsyke barn ja... Nei da, det er ikke noe kjekt nei... Har strevd med det i snart ti aar vi. Hoeres ut som en fin tur ellers.
    Vi koser oss i New York naa, og skal feire 95 aarsdag i morgen!


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