Monday, March 16, 2009

Now I'm a plumber too...

Yes, while cooking dinner for 4 kids and myself, helping 1 kid with homework, nursing/carrying/comforting the once again separation anxiety stricken baby, trying to answer strange questions from my five-year-old, and feeling not that good, after too little sleep last night, the monthly friend, and some kind of virus to boot,  I realized the kitchen sink was clogged...  Tried all the obvious, but nothing worked.  In the end I was lying on my hands and knees, under the sink, unscrewing parts of pipes, and having funny looking water gushing out into the various bowls I kept putting underneath, all the while poking with a fork and fishing out blackish goo from the pipe...  The pasta was getting overcooked, but luckily the kids didn't mind.  


  1. That does not sound like much fun, especially when you have to handle that on your own!


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