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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Picture of the day: Man and Woman by Picasso

I saw this painting by Pablo Picasso a month ago in the National Gallery in Oslo.  It's made in 1903, and it is very typical for Picasso's blue period. The palette of colors is cold, bluish, and the theme is blue: A man and woman sitting in a café. Their expressions are  gloomy, stiff, frozen, and we can sense there is some kind of tragedy behind the scene.  The picture is often called just "Man and Woman sitting in a café", but the  caption on the frame  says, in French: Le Pauvre Ménage, which translates something like "The poor couple", "the poor family", or "a couple that we feel sorry for."
It's an expressionist painting for sure, and there is so much untold within these brush strokes. Just like "The embrace", that I wrote about earlier this year. 
I feel with them, even though I don' know their story. I can feel the hurt, the cold, the hopelessness, and the emptiness in the woman's eyes...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Picture of the Day: The Embrace

Pablo Picasso: L'Etreinte. (1903)

During my lonesome weekend in Paris, a month ago, I visited Musée de l'Orangerie , a museum I hadn't seen in about 13 years.  
This pastel, by Pablo Picasso, "L'Étreinte" caught my eye, and I went back to see it several times during my visit.  A rather small, pale picture, it could easily be overseen, when most people only come to the Orangerie to see Monet's "Nympheas", but it hit me more than any other painting or drawing that morning.
It was made in 1903, during Picasso's Blue Period, and "blue" can be interpreted in several ways, both from the cool, bluish palette of colors, and also from the frame of mind of the artist at that time.  His friend Carles Casagemas, a painter from Barcelona, was dead, and when Picasso came back to Paris, he took over his friend's studio there.  Grief over a good friend's death, the cold light of that place, maybe even the shadow of his friend, all of this has certainly influenced Picasso's work.
Look at the couple.  They are naked, in more than one sense of the word.  They are embracing, but not really getting close.  Her pregnant belly comes between them, and I can feel the quiet, unspoken despair of a condition that should have been a happy one, but instead this pregnancy just adds to their already difficult situation.  "How on earth are we going to manage?..."

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Maternity by Picasso

While thinking of illustrations for yesterday's entry, this painting by Picasso came to my mind.  However, I didn't want to use it only as an illustration. It's one of the most beautiful paintings I know, and I felt that it deserved a presentation by itself.  
It was painted in 1905.  I have never seen this one IRL, and I haven't been able to find out where the original is.  If somebody knows, please tell me!
15 years ago, I mailed a postcard of this painting to my best friend.  Without signature, it silently told her that I was expecting my first child...
The picture itself doesn't need me explaining anything.  It's just beautiful, that's all.  Tender and vulnerable, and it shows the dull ache of a new mother's overwhelmed feelings...